8 Christmas Dinner Hacks That We Love

Here are some of our favourite Christmas Dinner hacks that we hope will save you stress, money

It can feel like one of the most stressful meals of the year. It's important, and you are responsible for filling a lot more bellies than usual.
Here are some of our favourite Christmas Dinner hacks that we hope will save you stress, money and allow you more time for the important stuff (wine, obvs).
  • You do not have to buy a whole turkey. If you are feeding up to eight people then a crown of Turkey or Boned and Rolled joint will more than suffice. Go on, be brave!
  • Pre-cook your vegetables the day before. On the big day you can add a little honey and heat through in the oven for 5-10 minutes before serving. Easy peasy.
  • Say NO to soggy, overcooked and gag-worthy brussel sprouts. Fry with some chopped garlic and finely sliced smoked bacon. It's simple to prepare and will change 99.9% of people's opinions about that vegetable going forward. They're the most requested in our house these days.
  • Make Jamie Oliver's roast potatoes and prepare to blow everyone's minds. Just do it. Like literally do it this year and you will never EVER look back. The smugness levels as you crush those bad boys..... (read the recipe and you'll see what we mean)
  • Contrary to what you may have heard, pre-made stuffing is just as delicious as freshly made. We don't mean adding water to a packet of powder now. We're talking home-made stuffing made in a muffin tin. Perfectly portioned mounds of stuffing ready to be thawed and served on the big day. They'll just require a bit of heat to wake them up again. You are welcome.
  • Buffet Style Is Best. Ditch the stress of serving perfect plates of food for every guest. Place everything in individual dishes and allow people to take as much or as little of what they fancy. There will be less waste, less mess and more happy diners, we promise!
  • Set the table the day before. Spanner in the works!! Having the table ready and looking festive and beautiful will make you feel a lot more “together” in the kitchen. The kids can eat breakfast on their laps on Christmas morning. You won't regret this one.
  • Buy your desserts. People in the world are employed to make delicious desserts that go on sale in supermarkets. This is their thing. It doesn't have to be yours. Save yourself the stress after an oblivion of prepping and cooking and just buy the beautiful desserts! 

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