10 super snacks for on the go families that pack a pretty punch!

We love these ideas as they’re easy to prepare, tide all of the family over until dinner without ruining anyone’s appetite!

Soccer, dance, music lessons… It’s all go, go, go in our house most afternoons and weekends. Food planning is tough and handy snacking is top of the list! So too is flavour for our family.
Here are some great on-the-go snack ideas from TUC that our family adores. We love these ideas as they’re easy to prepare, tide all of the family over until dinner without ruining anyone’s appetite and pack a pretty flavoursome punch too!
Full of fun and flavour, these tasty snacks are sure to be devoured. We especially love all the fab favours now available from TUC including; TUC Bacon, TUC Paprika, TUC Sour Cream & Onion, and still not forgetting the all-time classic, the TUC Original!
TUC are the snack to have on hand! They are every parent’s secret weapon. Yummy vehicles of deliciousness, they act as little snack canvases just waiting to be loaded up with delicious dollops of toppings and dips!
Why not wrap your mouth around these terrific TUC flavour combos? They’re truly tasty and sure to get your tongue tingling.
  • If you’ve an extra early start, enjoy TUC Bacon topped with a boiled egg. Who doesn’t love bacon and eggs? It’s an eggcellent example of an effortless brekkie!
  • Fruit and cheese-Yes please! We love white cheddar cheese and it pairs perfectly with pears. These are amazing on TUC Sour Cream and Onion. They’re a taste sensation!
  • Hummus and red peppers. Lather your TUC Paprika with a helping of hummus. Slice some red peppers on top for extra flavour!
  • Mix it up-Soft cheese and sweet chilli sauce. TUC original is absolutely amazing dipped in these two – it’s such a fun, fruity flavour.
  • Cheese and pickle. Grate, slice or crumble your favourite cheese on top of TUC Bacon and bang on the pickle. Bacon Bliss!
  • For an afternoon or tea time treat try carefully cut cucumber, smoked salmon on top of TUC Sour Cream & Onion. Choose chives on top for more chomp!
  • Parma Ham, melon and rocket all aboard a TUC Paprika. This is a pretty perfect, salty sweet snack. Try a little taste of the Mediterranean with this tasty trio.
  • Smother TUC Sour Cream & Onion with salsa or dip TUC Bacon in guacamole. Who needs nachos? Tuck your TUC into these dreamy dips for a flavour fiesta!
  • This one is deliriously decadent. Smother some yoghurt onto your TUC. Slice strawberries and scatter. Then drizzle delicious honey and devour!
  • Sweet treat! If someone has a sweet tooth they’ll love TUC Original smeared with chocolate spread and mashed banana! Yum Diddly Umptious!
Wrap Your Mouth around TUC.
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