This Video On The Reality Of Infertilty Is Heartbreaking

Becoming a parent is not an easy journey for every mum.

Becoming a parent is not an easy journey for every mum.
For some it is planned to perfection, for others, it can be a welcome surprise. However, for many, it is a journey filled with obstacles and dead ends, shrouded in frustration and pain.
Infertility, sadly, is all too common in this day and age but it is not something we talk about enough.
Becoming Mum, a video released by Google to mark National Infertility Week in America, shows the heartbreaking reality many mums (and dads, of course), who are experiencing infertility, face.
Anyone who has travelled this journey will be able to relate to the Google searches that parents do ask in the video in their need to find answers, to find a solution to the reason they can’t have kids.
Questions like 'what are normal beta HCG levels?', 'fertility specialists', 'IVF success rate' and 'home study questions', things that many of us would never have to even think about.
Infertility happens to so many women but it certainly doesn’t make it any easier; scheduling bloods and getting test results, life can revolve around the fight and struggle to conceive.
And for those who IVF is not possible for, the video moves to adoption questions, to all the forms that must be filled in in order to take the next steps.
Not surprisingly, the video has received nothing but praise for highlighting the issue of infertility, with many people sharing their own journey under the YouTube video.
"Thank you, Google...I suffered infertility for 11 years. 5 fail insemination and 1 failed IVF. Near my 12 year anniversary of infertility and when I gave up as I was 42 years' old I got a miracle got pregnant naturally and I'm 21 weeks with a baby girl."
Have a look at the video below. 

Written by Mary Byrne, Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ. Follow her on Twitter: @marybyrne321

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