4 Top Fertility Tips From Fertility Coach Helena Tubridy

The funny thing about fertility is that you probably know very little about the topic until you actually want to try and conceive a baby – and then all of a sudden you become an expert!

You begin to read every bit of information you can get your hands on to improve your chances. You follow all of the fertility Instagram accounts and blogs, hoping to get some extra insights. There’s just so much to learn.

Recently, we asked an actual expert, Helena Tubridy, to come chat on our Instagram account and to share her top tips for making babies! Helena helps her clients to navigate infertility to achieve pregnancy through coaching. She uses conversational hypnosis, mindfulness techniques and EMDR, with lifestyle aspects of fertility - nutrition, sleep, libido fertility reflexology. Accurate information, warm support and mental health wellness are all part of her care. Check out helenatubridy.com/ for more!

Here are Helena’s top tips:

  1. A basic indicator of fertility is general health
    such as eating well, skipping takeouts, eating home cooked meals, eating fresh
    foods and eating enough food too. Get the basics right to start with!
  2. Sex is really important with conceiving. Don’t
    just have sex during what you think is your fertile window. Have regular sex
    and work on those orgasms for your womb and fallopian tube fitness!
  3. Fertility food: Eat well and healthy and mind your
    gut health. Getting in some fermented food really helps gut health. Making sure
    you’re not eating anything your sensitive too. If you think you have allergies
    etc it is worth getting tests done. Eating plenty of protein, fresh fruit and
    veg and not too many carbs, cutting down on sugary drinks. Keeping sugar levels
    low which helps insulin levels which fuel fertility levels.
  4. Exercise: Walking is good, swimming, a little
    bit of running – the goldilocks principal applies! Try a few things until you
    find what is “just right” for you.

For more fertility tips and advice check out our fertility section.

Helena Tubridy Photo credit: Rafal Kostrzewa


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