Infertility: Where Can I Get Advice and Support?

Most of us expect or hope to fall pregnant quickly and easily, however, that is simply not the reality for many couples in Ireland.

Infertility is not the first thing you think of when starting your journey to parenthood. Most of us expect or hope to fall pregnant quickly and easily, however, that is simply not the reality for many couples in Ireland.
Infertility can be a lonely and confusing, and it is important you get the right help and support to help you on your journey to conceive.
If you are struggling to conceive, the following services offer support, guidance and counselling - three things that are incredibly important when going through infertility.
1. Pomegranate
Pomegranate is a charity that provides help for those suffering from infertility.
There is no fertility treatment available on the public health service in Ireland so for those who cannot afford private treatment, a diagnosis is often the end of the line.
Pomegrante aims to help those people to deal with this devastating medical condition and to take a step further towards becoming a parent.
Pomegranate was set up by Fiona McPhillips and Joanna Donnelly, both of whom have been lucky enough to have children thanks to fertility treatment. Fiona is also the author of Trying To Conceive: The Irish Couple’s Guide and the blog, Making Babies

2. National Infertility Support and Information Group
The National Infertility Support and Information Group is a voluntary organisation, was established in 1996 by a group of dedicated people who needed and wanted to be in contact with others who understood their grief. 
  • NISIG services currently include:
  • A support number which is available 24 hours a day, every day, for those in need.
  • Active subgroups to address the concerns and needs of donor conception and surrogacy parents and potential parents.
  • Support group meetings throughout Ireland. These are currently held in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Portlaoise.
  • A quarterly newsletter which is distributed to members, fertility clinics and health and legal professionals.
  • Peer to peer support.
  • A dedicated website with up to 1000 visits per month.
  • Support Meetings - NISIG support meetings are held in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Portlaoise, to offer support and information on your journey.
3. Fertility Counsellors
Fertility Counsellors provides support and counselling to anyone contemplating or undergoing any aspect of fertility treatment in Ireland.
Our members are all professionally qualified counsellors and psychotherapists who specialise in the area of fertility.  
They offer counselling for individuals and couples in coping with the unique stresses of fertility treatment and the uncertainty of outcomes, including the possibility of unsuccessful treatment cycles. 
Attending counselling can also provide much-needed support in dealing with family and friends, can help reduce feelings of isolation and can provide a supportive environment as one is undergoing fertility treatment.

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