This book asks more questions than it answers, and sometimes that is exactly what we all need.


This is a thought provoking book about the concept of time. Jacoby presents a beautiful representation of how time impacts our lives. It is a suggestive book and quite philosophical in nature.

"the more you try to hold it, the better it hides"


Sarah Jacoby's debut picture book is a book of contemplation. Jacoby explores the meaning of time from the perspective of a child's mind.There is no story as such, but rather a collection of moments in a day to showcase all of which time might be. The book encourages us to think and answer the questions ourselves.

The book presents us with everyday scenarios that time has an impact on. As a family make a cup of tea, others are late for for what appear to be abusiness meeting. We are reminded that time is a constant that is happening in different ways for different people.

" Sometimes it is far far away, like when you will be old gazing out at the sea".


This book stopped us in our tracks. As parents it served us in highlighting that we really only have today. The bold illustrations remind us that human connection and time spent with those we love are what matter most in life. In contrast it forced us to think about how precious time is. As a child explores the fact that "it cannot be exchanged for a snack" we find ourselves contemplating how sacred it is.

The curiosity of (what appears to be) a child is charming. They ask the questions that we often do not allow ourselves to explore. They also look at time in the most literal of ways. Noticing how some moments are filled with happiness and others with stress. Jacoby's illustrations convey that so well. A simple bus stop scene shows people from all walks of life waiting to be brought somewhere together.

"is this what forever feels like?"

This book is a simple and yet highly philisophical portrayal of special moments. There is a sense of calm as the narrator asks "can we stay longer?" and realizes that "we've only got what we've got".

One could say that this book touches on the idea of mindfulness. It presents a vision of time that is simple and profound at the very same time. As the narrator discovers how time might be spent, and can be spent, we cannot help but ponder about how we are choosing to spend it ourselves. A beautifully and thought provoking book that will serve the entire family.


" Time might actually be like a ghost because it is invisible" Billy aged 5.