How To Encourage Your Children To Love Reading

Some kids love to read, while others take a little encouragement. Reading is so beneficial to their education and their imagination

It can be very hard at times to get our children to focus on education. Most children would prefer to play video games or watch YouTube videos than spend time reading books.

It can be very frustrating for us as parents, especially when the children in question are of school-going age. We all want our children to benefit from a good education, and fortunately, there are a few hints and tips you can follow to try and give your child a nudge toward more educational forms or reading and entertainment.

  1. Watch a film based on a historical event.

    A good way to get your child interested in furthering their education (almost unknowingly) is to choose an exciting film based on a historical event. This way, when your child's teacher goes to encourage them to read about it, you will have established a connection between the exciting scenes and the words on the page.

  2. Read them a story before bedtime.

    Another great tactic to use in instilling good educational habits in your children is reading them a story at bedtime from an educational book. Every child, will sit up and listen to the stories you will read them if it ensures them another five or ten minutes before bedtime!

  3. Choose longer books.

    The trick here is to choose a book of considerable length.
    This would mean several sittings would have to be read before the book was completed. This way, your child is learning bits and pieces every night, from a book they would probably never regard otherwise. They will enjoy the books so much that they won’t even realise they are being educated!  

How To Encourage Your Children To Love Reading
They will enjoy the books so much that they won’t even realise they are being educated!

Hopefully, it will also instil an interest for certain subjects into their little minds, so that the next time they choose a book to read, it might be more suitable for their education than a comic book or internet cartoon!

Although as we all know, a little of something in moderation does no harm, so it's about getting a good balance of both! Allow them to read comic books, storybooks and do the things that they enjoy too. This will ensure that they learn to love reading, instead of seeing it as a chore.

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