Eason's Research Leads To New 'Switch Off And Read' Campaign

How much time do you spend reading with your children? Do you see reading as important to your children’s development?

These are questions which Eason aim to answer as part of their fantastic new campaign.

Last week, Eason Ireland announced details of its new ‘Switch Off and Read’ campaign. The aim of the campaign is to improve literacy and encourage a love of reading among children. It also aims to inspire parents and their children to spend less time on screens and more time reading.

Eason carried out research which concluded that while 84% of Irish people believe that reading books is an important part of a child’s development, 47% of people agreed that time spent on electronic devices is the biggest obstacle to children reading and 74% would like to have more time to read.

These findings inspired a partnership with Suas, Ireland’s leading children’s literacy charity, to form the ‘Switch Off and Read campaign.

Speaking about the new campaign, Brendan Corbett, Group Head of Marketing at Eason said “Reading is an essential part of a child’s growth, helping to develop creativity and imagination as well as literacy skills for the future. There is no doubt that mobile phones, tablets and laptops play a significant role in our lives but we all need a reminder to switch off and swap out screen time for reading time. Reading with children inspires reading for life.”

John Logue, CEO Suas added, “For children in disadvantaged communities, literacy changes everything. It is the means through which every child, regardless of their circumstances, can realise their potential. Our ambition is to end childhood illiteracy in Ireland’s most disadvantaged communities. With Eason’s support, we are taking a big step towards achieving that ambition."

Eason will also be donating 1,500 books to the children Suas
are mentoring as part of their literacy programme.

Sophie Gavin

Sophie is the Junior Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ.

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