5 Books That You’ll Look Forward To Reading To Your Kids At Bedtime

Making reading an important part of your child's bedtime routine can be a lovely thing for your child and yourself.

Bedtime can be a bit of a struggle in most houses, but by taking 10 or 15 minutes to wind down together with a book, you can make the experience much more enjoyable. Here are 5 books we have selected that you will actually look forward to reading!

The Golden Cage ANNA CASTAGNOLI, illustrated by CARLL CNEUT, translated by LAURA WATKINSON (age 5-8)

The emperor’s daughter Valentina pouts as her servants fail to satisfy her increasingly irrational demands for exotic birds to fill her one hundred and one birdcages. What’s a princess to do? (Hint: nothing good.) Can anyone find a way to appease Valentina’s impossible whims and call a halt to her bloody reign? The darkness of this deliciously macabre fairy tale is offset by the richly detailed and delicate illustrations, while impishly clever interactions of text and illustration make this a joy to read over and over.

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Rabbit and Bear: The Pest In The Nest by JULIAN GOUGH & JIM FIELD (age 5-8)

This is a brilliantly funny and heartwarming tale of a rabbit and a bear who find that things are always better when they're shared with a good friend.

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The Fate Of Fausto by OLIVER JEFFERS (age 5-8)

A beautifully presented modern-day fable from the very talented Oliver Jeffers. There was once a man who believed he owned everything and set out to survey what was his. “You are mine,” Fausto said to the flower, the sheep and the mountain, and they bowed before him. But they were not enough for Fausto, so he conquered a boat and set out to sea...

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Kitty and The Moonlight Rescue by PAULA HARRISON illustrated by JENNY LØVLIE (age 5-8)

Kitty and the Moonlight Rescueopens with the wonderful lines: ‘Don’t let fear hold you back. You’re braver than you think.’ It sets a brilliant tone for this enchanting book about a superhero-in-training with special feline powers. This is the first book of a six-part series that focuses on friendship, bravery and loyalty. There is so much scope for discussion and deliberation within the text. Kitty aspires to be a superhero, just like her superhero mum – but, as for any superhero, there is quite a lot to learn! This book follows all of Kitty’s adventures, most of which take place on rooftops alongside her cat crew. The light of the moon plays a role in this text and is illustrated beautifully by Jenny Løvlie.

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The Way To Treasure Island by LIZZY STEWART (age 5-8)

Lizzy Stewart, the author of the award-winning There’s a Tiger in the Gardenand Juniper Jupiterbrings us another heartwarming and beautifully illustrated book. This time it’s focused on the friendship between a little girl called Matilda and her Dad, who love being together but who are also VERY different. Matilda is fast, tidy and quiet, while Dad is slow, messy, and very, very loud. They’re off on an adventure to find a treasure, but Dad keeps getting distracted and soon Matilda begins to get crosser and crosser… Will they ever find the way to treasure island?

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Family Friendly HQ are delighted to bring you this content in partnership with Children's Books Ireland. Children's Books Ireland works with families, teachers, libraries, publishers and communities all across the island to get books into children's hands. They believe that every child should have access to the joy of reading, regardless of their circumstances. Check out childrensbooksireland.ie for more information, reading suggestions and helpful resources.


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