This Mum's Bib Hack Is Simple, But Genius

This mum's post about how she uses her baby's bibs has gone viral recently, and we can't believe we didn't think of it sooner.

Everyone who has young kids knows that feeding time is incredibly messy. Even with a bib on, one little snack can lead to a brand new outfit change (for both of you) and a full load of washing being put on.

With food being mushed into all sorts of places, it can be heartbreaking trying to keep the place looking clean while trying to keep your little one fed!

However, this mum has revealed a genius hack that has become part of her daily routine with her baby and we cannot believe we didn't think of this ourselves.

Chloe Louise wrote that her sister asked her where she got the plastic bibs she was using when feeding her little one.

She replied that she was simply using the other side of the bib, saying “I told her I use the soft material side when I give him his bottles of milk, and I turn it around and use the plastic side when I give him food.”

Chloe explained that using the bibs this way meant that the soft side of the bibs didn't get stained by food and the plastic side is easy to wipe clean.

She asks incredulously, "I thought it was normal! Am I the only one that does this?"

Judging by the response - yes! The post has since been shared 10k times with 16k comments, leaving many parents amazed that such a simple tip could make such a difference to their lives (and their washing!)

Have you tried this one before?

Sophie Gavin

Sophie is the Junior Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ.

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