Tips on returning to the workforce after having a baby.

There will be a huge amount of emotions on the first day back at work and it will take a little getting used to though it will get easier in time

The day is on the way for many parents, that dreaded day leaving their child if they go back to work.
There will be a huge amount of emotions on the first day back at work and it will take a little getting used to though it will get easier in time. Here are a few tips to help you through the early days of leaving your little one while heading into work and hopefully these will help make the transition process easier.
  • Practice before the big day and take a few hours off to go shopping while leaving your little one with a family member. You may only be gone for an hour but it gives you the chance to get used to being apart from your baby it will be time not wasted. On the flip side your baba needs to realise that you might not be around all the time, and it will do them no harm socialising with other people.
  • Plan ahead and find someone you trust to mind your child or choose a well-liked crèche. There are many different options available in childcare and it is about picking one that suits your lifestyle but also your budget. Some people prefer childminders as their baby is in a home environment and others prefer a crèche so that their child mixes with others and will become more sociable. This is your decision and do not be swayed by what others think as you and your partner truly know what is best for you and your family.
  • Organise and get ahead at all times, sure it sounds tiring but you will be grateful in the long run. Make a few lasagnes, soups, stews and freeze them up for the late evenings when you would rather snuggle with your baby after a long day at work than hit the kitchen to make a meal. Use an hour or two on the weekend to throw on an extra meal or two for during the week, and organise clothes for your baby in his/her bag ready to go. Have your own uniform/work attire for work ready and ensure everything is always close to hand and instead of madness in the mornings you might get a cuppa and breakfast with your little mite before work.
  • Prepare yourself for tears and don’t carry the sadness and guilt around all day. It is horrible leaving your small baby but it has to be done and a lot of parents have no choice but to work away from the home. Have a little weep in the car on the way to work and try compose yourself ready for the working day, it will get easier in time.
  • Be positive and look to the future and plan something nice for the weekends/days off with your baby. Work will probably be delighted to see you after maternity leave and it will be nice meeting up with old work mates and mixing with adults again. At least you actually have to dress yourself properly and do your hair done to look presentable! The time that you are away from your baby will only make you cherish the moments with him all the more and spend quality time with them once the weekend/days off hits.
Don’t worry, and don’t feel guilty we all get there somehow. x
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Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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