The Superpowers That Parents Wish They Had

Considering the recent and tremendously successful Marvel Avengers movie, Endgame, I couldn’t help but feel as parents we could do with some of their superpowers. 

Imagine how successful we would be as parents if we had some superpowers to help us along the way.

Here are some I think would be useful, but I bet there are many more. Be prepared for some spoilers -  don’t read if you haven’t seen Endgame! 

Spiderman – For sticking the kids to the wall and good old agility!

Spiderman has some impressive skills and for parenting, who wouldn’t use his spiderweb to stick the kids to the wall or simply get them to be quiet? Perfect for toddlers who are into everything and teenagers with ALL the answers! And who doesn’t want to be able to climb the walls, literally?

Black Widow and Hawkeye – For scaring away potential boyfriends/girlfriends and interrogation skills!

These two were key members of the Avengers team and their skills in interrogation were savage. Perfect for analysing “would be” partners for your teens! Has anyone ever tried to talk a kid out of a chocolate bar that they have gripped tightly in their sweaty palm and are refusing to let go? Parents need these superpowers!

Thor- For sending your kids to space when they annoy you!

Thor’s trusty hammer, Mjolnir, is not only mighty strong but allows Thor to travel through space quickly and efficiently. Sure lookit, no judgement here but sometimes the kids will be that annoying! Up, up and away! 

The Superpowers That Parents Wish They Had
Imagine how successful we would be as parents if we had some superpowers to help us along the way.

Hulk- For kindness and catching the kids!

Hulk showed his gentle streak in Endgame primarily when he offered his taco to his pal, Antman. And let’s not forget how generous he was with his time when kids asked him for his autograph. The Hulk’s skills would benefit any parent who struggles to get them all together as his hands are like spades! He is also incredibly brainy, so parents could use his intelligence to outsmart their children!

Iron Man- For tricky techy issues and parenting skills

The hero of the hour was, of course, Iron Man - how are the movies going to go on without this leading man? For parents, we could use some of his technology knowledge to crack the kids iPad while doing so in style! We could also use his creative streak and in fairness, he was a great parent to Morgan in the movie. We could all learn something from Iron Man. 

Doctor Strange- For time travelling and foreseeing future events

Doctor Strange has a canny power of seeing into the future and all possibilities, while also having the ability to travel through time and new realms. Who doesn’t want a piece of the action? You’ll be one step ahead of your kids and they won’t be able to stop you! 

No judgement here but sometimes the kids will be that annoying! Up, up and away! 

Bucky Barnes- For the cooking

We know Bucky has several skills, but none are as cool as his metal and somewhat powerful artificial arm. In times of cooking, a metal arm would offer parents safety and be perfect for getting things out of the oven without an oven glove! 

Captain America- For his strength and humility 

The Cap is an old-timer who tends to be kind, loving and generous to those around him. It may not be a “superpower” but it does show his character. With his strength, his skills are perfect for overstretched parents and his humility is good for teaching kids’ morals and values. A true hero mindset. 

We know there are many more characters that parents could benefit from with Marvel Avenger superpowers including, Black Panther who is fast, Falcon who can fly, Vision who can analyse situations and Scarlet Witch who can manipulate magic chaos! 


Laura Doyle

Mum of four, Gentle parent living on coffee and trying always to stay positive and motivate in the midst of the madness.

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