9 things you'll miss about a newborn

If you're in the throes of baby stage, here's a list of things you'll miss when its over

Kids grow so fast and when you have a new-born you think you have loads off time to enjoy them, however you are so busy you don’t really get enough time to enjoy them. Many times you wish you could just press the pause button for a couple of weeks so you can soak in all that it amazing about your bundle of joy. 
If you are still at the baby stage. Here are some of the things you are really going to miss, so relish every minute with your beautiful bundles.
  • Smell. All babies smell amazing, and their skin is so soft and wrinkly. The little fingers and tiny nails are so cute, they really are beautiful pieces of perfection. 
  • Cuddles and kisses. New-borns will lay happily in your arms and be cuddled and kissed, lucky for them as they are just so cute! As they get older it requires a rugby tackle  to get my nippers and hold down their wriggly selves while I smother them with kisses! 
  • Sleeping on my chest. A new born is like a little koala bear clinging onto you, nothing makes you feel more loved then that. 
  • Buggy. It was so handy having a buggy with room for groceries and other retail bits (that were very important). Some even had little drink holders for my Latte, and you knew where your baby was all the time, not like those little toddlers who love nothing more than gallivanting.
  • Nap times. The days when your baby would go for a few hours shut eye so I could catch up on the tv ahem I mean cleaning. Now there is no nap time, sure I struggle to get them to bed at all.
  • Sounds they make. Babies and their little gurgling noises and suckling when looking for food, bless them. 
  • Funny faces. I remember getting so excited when I thought my baby had smiled but it was just a burp, but it was funny and exciting. As the years go by your kids will continue to make funny faces, this time its usually because you have suggested that they clean their room or eat some veggies.
  • Baby clothes. They were so small and had miniature versions of everything we wear and I loved it! I spent hours deciding on outfits and picking accessories, but now well the kids pick their own clothes. 
  • An excuse not to have an immaculate house. When you have a small baby no one judges you for having a tip of a house in fact they discourage you from over doing it. However as the kids get older you should be on top of it all, I for one am not and am sticking to my mantra of a messy house is a happy one.
So there you have it, while the new born stage is tiring there are a lot of positives. If you are now in the toddler, tween and teen stage I feel your pain! I'm right there with you!
Written by Emma, Irish mummy blogger and staff writer at  www.familyfriendlyhq.ie
Check out her blog emmasmadjotters.com

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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