5 Teething Tips That Really Work

Trying to comfort a teething baby can be a very stressful experience. 

Trying to comfort a teething baby can be a very stressful experience. There may be bouts of time where the discomfort is so chronic that you wonder if you will ever see their little smile again.
They say that if an adult was to experience that much pain in such a short amount of time we would be completely out of our minds. The hardest part for any parent is the fact that you can’t explain to a little baby why it is happening and for this reason, it tends to induce some kind of guilt on our part.
As they look at us with their bottom lip out we want to reassure them that we don’t want them to be experiencing this dreadful feeling.
A teething baby or toddler also has a knock on effect to so many aspects of family life. Teething tends to be at an all-time high at night time which means that sleep is affected for the whole family.
You then have a whole host of cranky family members to try to pacify. Teething can also really affect a child’s appetite. You might have a great eater on your hands but all of a sudden their sore gums have turned them off so much of their favourite foods. This can be very stressful as it can affect their mood, energy levels and sleep pattern in a really big way. Then comes the nappies.
There is nothing quite like changing the nappy of a teething toddler. They are on another level and can lead to some pretty messy situations for all involved.

Every teething product and gadget on the market will claim to be the very best solution for your baby. Medication may be necessary as per the particular medicine’s guidelines and your GP’s advice, but what other solutions are really helpful to help comfort a teething baby or infant?

Here are five of the best teething tips and solutions according to parents.

1. Breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is so much more than milk. It offers a level of calm and comfort like nothing else. When your baby is teething, and particularly when their appetite is affected, breastfeeding will keep them hydrated, nourished and comforted throughout the day (and night). It’s like having a special super power!
2. Cold soft food. Eating may be something that usually happens up to five times a day for your baby or child. Imagine how stressful it will be if all of those times are plagued with crying, your child getting worked up and very little food being consumed. When your child is teething it is a good idea to offer softer cooler foods to avoid aggravating their sore gums and to encourage them to eat something. The cold food may also offer some relief. Yogurts, fruit purees and home-made ice-pops work a treat!
3. Amber teething necklaces. I personally never used one but I can’t ignore the fact that so many parents noticed a huge change in their baby when the necklace was removed or lost at any stage. Worth a shot?

4. Giving your baby something to chew or gnaw on can make a huge difference. For very small babies it can be your clean finger or a teething toy. For older infants and toddlers it might be a particular food item. It can offer a huge amount of relief to their gums and teething tends to come with a natural urge to chew things.
5. Cuddling them. Sounds obvious right? Comfort really is the most important thing. When your baby is in pain their instant source of reassurance and security is to be close to you. Accept that the routine might go out the window for a while and remember that a parent’s nurturing touch is more powerful than any gadget on the market. Simply being held provides a sense of distraction and comfort like nothing else.

Tracey is a happy mammy to four-year-old Billy. She is a breastfeeder, gentle parent and has recently lost five stone so healthy family eating is her passion! You can find her at www.loveofliving.ie.

Tracey Quinn

Proud mum of two who got married on Don't Tell The Bride and had an accidental home-birth (loves a good story). She's passionate about breastfeeding, positive thinking & all things cosy.

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