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We Need To Get Out More

We Need To Get Out More

getting out of the house more
Isn’t it funny how the seemingly ordinary parts of your day can have the most extraordinary impact?
Fresh air, for example. Now I'm not some kind of hermit but like the best of us I can get bogged down by housework and chores. I never feel like its it's done and I'm always chasing my tale. One step forward and two steps back. All of these jobs occur indoors where there is no fresh air. It can be a bit soul crushing to spend your entire day indoors when you and your child would benefit so much from the fresh air.

So now I just go. Anywhere. I’m a divil for always having plans so it’s rare that I wouldn’t have an excuse to go somewhere, but on those house-days I insist on finding a reason to get out of the house and in to the fresh air.
I don’t let the rain stop me either. I leave armed wearing a very trendy (not!) raincoat . Buggies also come with these magical raincovers that prevent your baby from getting wet in the rain. I know, it's incredible.

I just stopped making excuses. It soon became very obvious to me that getting out of the house had a massively positive affect on my mood. I felt like my day had more structure and there is just something powerful about fresh air and a change of scenery.
I’ll make an excuse – need to buy milk, post a letter, deserve a little treat from the shop. That type of thing. Before I know it I'm outside and I have a little goal. This is very important for someone who suffers with anxiety. It's a good feeling.  
When I return home I feel more awake and alive, the housework seems more manageable and the day just has something fresh about it.
Then I sit down with a cup of tea and said little treat from the shop. Sure it's been a long old day hasn’t it? I’m worth it! 
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