To mark World MS Day, Family Friendly HQ sat down with Naomi Donaldson, a mum of one who was diagnosed with MS eight years ago.

Thursday, 30th May 2019 is World MS Day. This year's theme is about raising awareness of the invisible symptoms of MS and its impact on the quality of life. 

To mark the day, Family Friendly HQ sat down with Naomi Donaldson, a mum-of-one who was diagnosed with MS eight years ago.

Naomi was diagnosed in May 2011, less than a year after her sister was also given the same news. 

Talking about her MS, the 37-year-old explained that she suffers from trigeminal neuralgia, a condition that carries a sharp pain from your brain to your face.

She also has to deal with chronic pain.

Naomi's symptoms are not constant, and she tends to suffer a relapse when she is tired or stressed, something she tries to manage.

The mum welcomed her son Evan in 2017, and admits that being diagnosed with MS didn't impact on her or her husband's decision to have a family.

In the video she tells Family Friendly HQ how she parents her son while managing the condition, her fears for the future and how MS has actually spurred her on to greatness.