On the 20th of November, we celebrate World Children’s Day.

Established in 1954, World Children’s Day is a day that is all about the importance of children and how they have special rights and freedoms that help them to grow into happy, healthy adults.

To celebrate World Children’s Day, we are celebrating some of Ireland’s Miracle Babies.

At 18 weeks pregnant, Claudine and Aidan Heavey got a huge surprise when they found out they weren’t just expecting one baby, but two! Living in Jamaica at the time, Claudine had to be airlifted to Florida at 22 weeks, when she was having early contractions. After being diagnosed with pneumonia, Claudine was put on bed-rest for ten weeks.

When Conor & Jack were born, they were so small that they couldn’t breathe or feed on their own, which was a scary time for the new parents Claudine and Aidan.

Claudine and Aidan have asked if you could kindly donate to RESPECTthis Children’s Day.