Tips for surviving the trying threes to keep your sanity intact.

Win the battle with your threenager 

If you think that you managed to survive the terrible twos unscathed, be prepared for the ‘trying threes’ as they are a totally different story. Be warned!Here are a few handy hints that we learned along the way.   
Try to give kids your time. We find ourselves so busy with the house chores, phone calls and daily activities for older siblings, sometimes our little three year old just wants time of their own with Mammy or Daddy. Tantrums can be brought on as a way to seek attention and see how you will react. So if at all possible try to sit down with them at 5 minute intervals and play a game or read a book. 
Find out what triggers your child’s tantrums. Every child will have their own ‘triggers’. If you sit back and think what they are, it will allow you to, as much as possible, avoid these happening in the future, or at least be aware of them so that s/he can be distracted.
Advance preparation is key. Whether is food, toys or other distractions it always helps to be one step ahead of your threenager.
Try if possible to get some me time for yourself. Happy Mammy = happy child.
Know that others do understand.
Remember that we are all experiencing the same struggle at some stage. Don’t be embarrassed if your child kicks off at the most inappropriate time. People only look at you because they feel your pain. 
Chill out & suffer through: Remember it is only a short period of time. So if they are driving you insane try to stand back from the situation and laugh a little. It will fly by and the next stage is only around the corner.

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