This Tip Will Help You Find A Lost Child In A Crowd In Seconds

Do you have any vivid childhood memories of being that lost child and losing your parent for a second or two, I certainly do!

Have you ever had that feeling - you are out in a busy shop or a crowded area and for a split second or two, you cannot spot your little one? Is there anything more terrifying in this world?


Do you have any vivid childhood memories of being that lost child and losing your parent for a second or two, I certainly do!


A post shared on “Institute of Mums” describes an instance when a mum had to be quick thinking to assist another mother in distress. It is GENIUS.
The original post written by Libby Thompson reads:


"Child safety post: I was in the middle of this showdown with V when I heard screaming. I turned and saw a woman at the shoreline doubled over clutching herself in pain. As a mum, I recognised she couldn’t find her child.


"I walked over (best first aid training I’ve ever had- walk, then you get to assess and you bring authority with you). I asked her what colour her child was wearing, hair, how high and how old. She replied through gasps and said blue shorts blonde and 3yrs old.


"I told one bloke to move immediately left shouting out as he went ‘3yr old blonde boy in blue shorts - look around you’ and one lady to the right and one up the beach. It took 60seconds to find him using this and he was 300yrds away to the right.
I read this advice on Facebook about a year ago and only remembered it because it was Air Cadets advice so close to my heart. Shouting a kid’s name only informs the child - whereas this gets the whole crowd actively helping. 
Please do remember this if ever in this hideously scary situation- I’ve just tried in real life and it bloody did the job."
I had never thought before to shout out what the child looks like rather than their name before, but it makes so much sense.
It is also much quicker than having to physically show a photograph of your child to everyone in the crowd.


All kids, especially toddlers, will give their parents a scare from time to time by going AWOL in a public place. Now. however, you'll be able to find them faster and cut down on the amount of time you're separated (and how long you're having that mini heart attack for).

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