Things Our Kids Will Do That We've Always Hoped They Wouldn't!!!

Sometimes we just have zero control over what is going to happen. 

Sometimes we just have zero control over what is going to happen. And we have to get on with it. 
We try our hardest to teach our kids good manners, and make sure they know the ways of the world and how to control themselves in social settings. 
Nonetheless, they can have all the manners in the world but they'll still do a few things we've always hoped they wouldn't. 
The reason you ask? Because they're human, and curious. Nothing else. 
Here's a few things they're most likely going to do that'll make your tummy slightly upset if you think too hard about them! 
  • Poo in a public swimming pool
  • Most definitely will pee in a public swimming pool 
  • Stick the snots they picked to your wallpaper or furniture
  • Investigate their private parts. Anywhere. 
  • Eat food off the floor
  • Use anything but a tissue or wipe to clean their hands or face, meaning dirty furniture and clothes
  • Will not change their underpants. Like why?
  • Consistantly drink from a family carton of anything
  • Drip dry rather than change the toilet roll 
Where did we get these animals? 

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