Summer With A Toddler: And everything but the kitchen sink!

We get so ambitious when the sun shines but how often do you plan a wonderful day trip and return that evening pulling your hair out?

When you’re a mummy to a toddler the seasons tend to all blend in to one because to be honest whatever the weather you will always have to stick to the same routine. Get up at 7am (8 if you’re lucky) then breakfast and the daily struggled with getting them dressed. Snack mid morning, lunch midday then nap time, snack again mid afternoon followed later with tea, bath then bed and BREATHE.

In between these times there’s likely to be a trip to the park or the play centre or a little walk around the block then some reading, colouring or painting to get their creative juices flowing.
We get so ambitious when the sun shines but how often do you plan a wonderful day trip and return that evening pulling your hair out?
Packing everything up before you go and unpacking everything later on is enough to make anyone exhausted. Granted you don’t need all the necessities required for a newborn but there’s so many what ifs.
What if they spill their drink all over themselves? What if they don’t like the lunch? What if they miss their Peppa Pig toy? You’ll end up bringing half the house and then when you arrive at your destination you’ll realise you can’t possibly carry it all. At least at home you have everything at hand no matter what happens.
Children love their routine and if you mess with it you’ll pay the price. It all starts off well with everyone loving the change of scenery but as soon as they get bored, hungry or tired you’ll wish you could snap your fingers and be transported back home.
Hot weather also tends to make people cranky (adults and children alike). There’s sun lotion to be applied, hats to be worn and there’s nothing that makes a kid angrier than being strapped in a buggy while they’re boiling hot. You also end up giving them so many special treats because you want them to have a lovely day that they end up being hyper from the sugar rush and unable to nap.
When they’re this age there’s nothing wrong with making life as easy as possible. Toddlers love sitting in sandpits, pulling up grass and blowing bubbles. There are plenty of years ahead when they’ll appreciate the finer things but for now it’s a case of enjoying the simple things.
BTW if you’re browsing your friend’s pics of their family days out, expect to see everyone smiling like they’ve won the lottery and having the time of their lives. The real version is not something they want to show off about!
Written by Jennie, Irish mummy blogger.
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Jennie Dennehy

Jennie Dennehy is Mama to two gorgeous boys and is a Writer and Blogger. Her life is full of laughs and Lego and she’s always longing for a hot, frothy coffee.

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