What a beautiful idea if your kids are struggling to settle in school or preschool

Parents of anxious kids this one will help you

If you are a parent of an anxious child you will know how difficult it can be in new situations. A parent posted a lovely idea recently on the Love’s what matters Facebook page that has received a huge amount of positive feedback. She said  "If your child struggles with separation or new situations. Perhaps going to school, nursery, a friend’s house, then this is perhaps something you could try. My daughter gets quite anxious in various situations; one of them being on rainy days at school last year.”
To help her daughter she used the following trick “I drew a heart and a sunshine on my hand and explained to my daughter that if I drew one on hers too, that at anytime she felt sad or worried during the day she could look at it and know that I had one on my hand too, that we were connected, that I was thinking about her, that she was safe and that even though it was raining, the sunshine was still shining on her hand and in her heart. My daughters tears literally turned into a smile immediately. She felt safe, happy and secure. “
This is one we will definitely be trying. 

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