On the Go With Kids: What's the best mode of transport?

Pros and Cons of Carrying, Buggy, Bike, Rucksack Carrier, Car?

When our little ones are not quite so little anymore we have to start questioning the best way to transport them.
They’re starting to want some independence but it’s not always safe to let them walk by themselves. Here are the pros and cons of the different methods:
Pros: It’s the quickest way to get around if you’re on foot and it also means you can keep them dry under a cover if it’s raining.
Cons: Once they’re at the toddler stage they don’t want to be strapped in for long and if you let them out you’ve got a buggy to push plus a toddler to keep control of!
Carrying them in your arms
Pros: If you’re just nipping in somewhere it may seem like the simplest solution.
Cons: You may think that you’re only going to be two minutes but if you get stuck in a queue it may be a lot longer. You’ll either end up with aching arms or you’ll lose your spot when you have to chase after them!
Holding hands
Pros: It can take a while for them to get used to walking (calmly) by your side but once they master it it’s lovely to take them for a stroll hand in hand.
Cons: Toddlers are unpredictable creatures and you never know when they may make a dash for something and catch you completely off guard.
Pros: If you need to travel a good distance then a car is the only option. Their little legs will only manage for so long.
Cons: It is hard to keep them entertained when they’re inactive so their favourite CDs and books are essential.
Rucksack with safety reins
Pros: If you need to keep your youngster under close control but want to let them walk then this could be an option.
Cons: These are much less popular that what they used to be and people can feel uncomfortable about restraining their kids.
Bike/Ride on
Pros: When you’re off to the park then this is by far the most fun way of doing a circuit.
Cons: They can be surprisingly pricey so look out for a sale or make it their birthday or Christmas present
Written by Irish mummy blogger and staff writer at www.familyfriendlyhq.ieJennie.
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