Mum Shares 44 Reasons Why Her Toddler Had A Tantrum

Right now I have two toddlers so I know the score. I don't think anyone can ever fully prepare for the threenager tantrums - trust me, they're a thing.

My kids are rather well behaved in general but my goodness, they can bicker, fight and tantrum over the most stupid of things in a split second.

For example, just this morning my kids have whined over someone getting more milk in their breakfast, another fell to the floor in disgust because I gave her a purple cup of water instead of pink and not forgetting last night when I let one have a bath without the other. It's just not worth the agro. 

There simply is no reasoning with toddlers and that's why we find this mum's list of reasons why her daughter threw a tantrum hilariously funny. 

We've all been there, the crying, the screaming, the ridiculous rolling around kicking the floor - we completely get it and we want to run away and hide with you too. 

Here's what Jenna told Babyology and almost half of them occurred before breakfast time:

  • She wanted to wear her Elsa shirt (which is in the dirty clothes pile).
  • She put her underwear on backwards.
  • I put the wrong episode of Strawberry Shortcake on.
  • I didn’t get her breakfast quickly enough.
  • She didn’t want cereal. She wanted oats.
  • I gave her the wrong bowl for her oats. She wanted the bowl that her uneaten cereal was in.
  • She spilt oats on her knee.
  • She wanted a small spoon.
  • I gave her the yellow blanket instead of the pink blanket.
  • She wanted to wear her Elsa dress instead of her Elsa shirt.
  • It’s not her birthday today.
  • Her seatbelt felt funny.
  • Her brother looked at her in the car.
  • The cat wouldn’t let her pick him up by the tail.
  • She couldn’t open the wrapper to her muesli bar.
  • I opened the wrapper to her muesli bar too much.
  • Her muesli bar broke in two.
  • When colouring in, I used the wrong colour of blue for Cinderella’s dress.
Little girl on the beach
I don't think anyone can ever fully prepare for the threenager year - trust me, it's a thing.
  • I sat on her imaginary friend.
  • She put her shoes on the wrong feet.
  • Peppa Pig ended.
  • I cut her sandwich into triangles.
  • I cut her second sandwich into squares.
  • I wouldn’t let her play in the car.
  • I suggested we take a nap.
  • She dropped her hat on the road.
  • I didn’t let her answer the phone.
  • I sat on the wrong side of the couch.
  • It started to rain.
  • I had to cook dinner.
  • Her brother talked to her.
  • She spilt her water.
  • I used the red towel to clean it up. I should have used the pink one.
  • I had a shower without her.
  • I helped her brother with his homework.
  • She lost her doll’s pink shoe.
  • I asked her to take a bath.
  • I asked her to get out of the bath.
  • The towel felt itchy.
  • Her brother got his pyjamas on quicker than she did.
  • I turned the page of her bedtime story incorrectly.
  • Teddy fell off the bed.
  • I didn’t tickle her arm properly.
  • I yawned

Can you relate? Why did you toddler tantrum today? 


Kellie Kearney

Kellie Kearney is a Dublin mammy of five kids aged newborn right up to nine. She loves coffee, cloth nappies, travel and sharing her every day true to life family moments on Instagram.

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