How To Stop Kids Misbehaving At A Wedding

They can be incredibly long for kids, leaving them feeling frustrated, hungry and bored.

Weddings are really lovely - a day full of love and catching up with people you haven't seen in a while.
And most people look forward to attending them for months before the actual event, even children.
However, they can also be incredibly long for kids, leaving them feeling frustrated, hungry and bored - which can be a recipe for disaster. 
But once you acknowledge this and are prepared there is absolutely no reason why everyone can't enjoy themselves!
In order to keep your child happy and well behaved, take note of the following tips. 
  • Make sure they are well fed, first and foremost - a hangry child is a grumpy child
  • Bring extra snacks for the ceremony and reception, just in case
  • Pack some bubbles for them, especially when it's a lovely day outside - bubbles are always fun
  • Squeeze in downtime or a nap at some stage, no matter how old they are
  • Dress them in something comfortable, especially shoes
  • Don't force them to wear something they really, really don't want to 
  • Allow them to bring their favourite toy
  • Don't make them say hello to every relative you meet 
  • Let them put on their pyjamas straight after the photos if they want
  • Don't push them to stay up late if they're not able
  • Colouring books are always a good idea when your child has to sit at a dinnertablel for long periods
  • Don't force them to pose for photos  
  • Listen out for hangry, tired and bored cues and act quickly 
  • Let them have dessert first if they want
  • Fill a bag full of fun treats and let them pick something out of it every couple of hours

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