The 8 Potty Training Tips You Need

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Potty training can be a stressful time in parents lives. We're here to help.

What is the best way to potty train my child?

This is the question that every parent asks themselves! Let's face it, it's hard to know the best approach to take to make the potty training experience as easy as possible. It can be quite a stressful time for everyone involved.

To make it somewhat easier for you and your little one, we have compiled our top tips for potty training your child.

1. Don't Start at a Stressful Time

Starting potty training at a stressful time is never a good idea. If you have just moved house or have had a new baby, it isn't the best time to start the process.

Hold off until things have settled and you have time to focus on potty training with your little one.


2. Use Picture Books

Invest in a fun, colourful picture book that explains potty training to your child in a fun way. This is a handy tool to encourage your child to start using the potty and can be read at bedtime.

3. Potty Placement

Put your child's potty in places where they spend the most time. This doesn't have to be the bathroom. By having their potty close by, it will encourage your child to use it.


4. Look for Signs

Your child will typically let you know they need to go to the toilet in different ways. Pay close attention to how your little one communicates this with you so you can avoid any accidents.


5. Schedule Breaks  

Schedule regular potty breaks throughout the day. Even if your child doesn't go, this will allow them the time to get comfortable using their potty.


6. Fun Underwear

To make potty training more appealing to your child, allow them to pick out some fun, colourful underwear.

7. Teach Proper Hygiene

Teaching your child the correct way to wash their hands after using the potty is extremely important. You can make this more appealing, by purchasing some fun hand soap for them to use.

8. Praise Them

Celebrate each time your child uses their potty, even just for trying. Offering a hug or some words of praise when your child uses their potty will encourage them to keep up the good work!

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