25 Words a 2-Year-Old 'Should' Be Saying

Not sure if your 24-month-old's vocabulary is on the right track? 

By age 2, most kids are talking. But have you ever wondered how many words your little one should have by the age of two? And which words they should be?
There's a wide range in the number of words they can say, but it's suggested that they should be using about 50. This recent research led by Leslie Rescorla, Ph.D., a professor and clinician at Bryn Mawr College, has refined this viewpoint by listing the 25 most common words that toddlers master - and suggests that if your 24 month old isn't using these words, at a minimum, then she suggests you seek out an evaluation.
This expert says this is the list...
Now, we do believe that all children are different and develop at different stages. This is not 'our' definitive list, but rather one from this research.Some kids have delayed speech and catch up by age four or five. 
  • Mommy (Mammy, Mam)
  • Daddy (Dad)
  • Baby
  • Milk
  • Juice
  • Hello
  • Bye-bye
  • Yes
  • No
  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Ball
  • Nose
  • Eye
  • Banana
  • Cookie (Bikkie)
  • Car
  • Hot
  • Thank you
  • Bath
  • Shoe
  • Hat
  • Book
  • More
  • All gone
However, Dr Rescorla says that if your child doesn't say all 25 of these words, it doesn't necessarily mean there is cause for concern - some kids have delayed speech and catch up by age four or five. 
If you're worried about your child's language development, talk to your GP or health nurse.

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