10 of the best potty training tips

Is there potty training job on horizon in your house? Implementing these will make the process a lot smoother

Potty training can be a messy job. It is important to train your child when they are ready, but not until then. They won’t go to school in nappies so don’t panic if you are questioned by other Moms about not having them trained. We have found that boys can tend to be trained older than girls. The age is generally from 18-24 months, however this is a guide only. We have compiled a list of helpful advice we have got from other parents to help you and your little one on your potty training journey.
  • Prior to starting potty training, change your child’s nappy in the bathroom so they start to associate the bathroom with doing their number ones and twos.
  • Think of a song and sing it every time your child goes to the potty. It will make the experience more enjoyable for them and they will look forward to going.
  • There are many aids on the market now that can greatly assist with potty training. Consider buying a special fun potty, that plays a tune or turns a different colour when your child successfully uses their potty.
  • Put a wine cork or something else that floats but doesn’t flush into the loo. Your child will have fun trying to aim for it! This also work’s really well for older children that have a bad aim.
  • Reward your child with a treat, playing a game with them or maybe a star chart. Make a big deal of them going to the potty.
  • If your child regularly has a bowel movement at the same time each day, leave their nappy off and suggest that they go in the potty.
  • Make it a positive experience for your child. They are bound to have lots of accidents. Be prepared for this and don’t punish them when it happens. 
  • Make up a story about where your child’s happenings go. Into the pond and on their journey.
  • Give your child lots of opportunities to go to the toilet. It may even be helpful to set a timer if you have a busy household as time can go by fast! Try to sit them on the potty every 20 mins. 
  • If your child asks to go to the potty, you need to go NOW!!! Don’t delay.

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