Clocks Go Back: How To Help Baby/ Toddlers With The Time Change

Daylight savings time can wreak havoc on babies’ sleep schedules Here’s how to get baby ready to fall back

The clocks go back on Sunday, 28th October 2018.
And while it seems like you’ll be getting an extra hour of sleep, don't get too excited though as the odds are that your baby will wake up at 5.30 a.m. instead of their usual 6.30 a.m. - and that’s NO fun for mum or dad!
Our advice is to start a week before the switch, and put Baby to bed 10 minutes later each night for the six nights leading up to the clock change. But if you didn't do that, don't despair.
Room darkening can help too since it assists with the early morning sun waking your child before you want him/her to get up.
You might also want to pick up your infant 10 minutes later each morning for the week - depending entirely on your baby’s temperament and how comfortable you are with letting them be awake solo (if Baby is a screamer in the morning, it just might not be worth it to you!).
If you’ve got a toddler, consider something like a Good Nite Lite, which shows a sun at the time your child is supposed to get up and a moon at bedtime. Brilliant and simple for them to understand at the best of times.
These can help you train an early riser not to rise too early in the morning at any time of the year and also can help with bedtime mayhem and battles.
Quicker fix
Split the difference in time between two nights if needed (30/20 mins difference each night) their - internal schedule will work itself out within a day or two.
If it doesn't work...
If the prep for the clock change doesn't work, and you find your little one's sleep cycle is all over the place, don’t freak out.
Just find ways to get back to your usual schedule; think about introducing some calming activities or quiet time before bedtime and make sure their nap doesn’t end too late in the afternoon. 
Within a week or two, your child will adjust to the time change naturally regardless. Just bear with it and try to get through it as best you can.

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