8 Simple things that are so hard to do after you have kids.

Here are some of the many things that you took for granted before you had kids!

There are so many things that you take for granted before you have kids and the freedom of doing what you want when you want. 
You can be your own boss all the time however boy does it change after you have a few kids and they are demanding your attention every second of every day. Here are a few things that are really hard to do once you have kids around and there are sure to be plenty more than listed here!
Make a phone call- No matter how much you tell your kid that you are going to make a very quick phone call and to amuse themselves for a few minutes it never works out. No sooner have you said “hello” to your pal there is wailing from the sitting room, “he hit me”, “she was mean” and “I’m hungry” and you have to hang up apologising and rearranging for another time to natter.
Take a long hot bubble bath- Of course you can fill the bath, light a few candles and even leave a glass of vino on the side ready for a relaxing soak. However it is nearly impossible to unwind hearing moaning and crying from the bedrooms though your partner is admirably trying to settle things down, the moment is gone and out you get to evaluate the chaos for yourself.
Read the newspaper- Never ever pick up a magazine, newspaper or a book when in your child’s company as it is just asking for trouble. In a kiddies mind it means you are free to play with them and they will think nothing of firing the reading of your choice across the room to get your full attention.
Drink a hot cuppa coffee- It sounds simple enough, boil kettle, make a beverage of your choice and sit down or even drink it while running around but it isn’t ever that easy. You will probably boil the kettle three times before you manage to pour the boiling water in and when it is ready to drink there will be some emergency with the youngsters, get used to microwaving your cup of coffee or drink it cold!
Eat food in peace- After having kids you are encouraged to eat healthy and regularly to keep your energy levels up and boy do you need energy however preparing it and subsequently eating it are actually quite time consuming. It is handier just to eat what the little ones (even if it is baby food) are having and try shove it in as quickly as possible and you are set to go- with heartburn I might add. 
Wizz around the shops- You may only need a couple of bits and in your pre child days it might have taken ten minutes max, now though lugging the kids out of the car means an extra half hour on the quick shop.
Have a peaceful few hours- Forget it, the only way to get a few hours of peace is to escape entirely from your brood and hide in a luxurious spa.
Snuggle with your partner- If the offspring twig you and your other half cuddling on the sofa they will join you and wiggle in between you both. In the mornings lie on's are a thing of the past. They will simply wiggle their way in and mooch all over the bed before one of both of you get up!
Kids, you gotta love 'em them though. Every single day x

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