8 Reasons why a house with youngsters is absolute chaos.

But you can be rest assured most parents feel the same, you are not alone!

Do you remember before you had kids and the house was in total silence?
There was only noise from the radio or T.V and you had ample time to paint your nails or have a shower. Now things have changed dramatically because once you have kids there is no tranquillity, but if you are lucky you might get some peace once the little cherubs are tucked up in bed.
Here are some reasons why a house with youngsters can be absolutely chaotic and you can be rest assured most parents feel the same, you are not alone!
  • Siblings fighting. Some days they can all get along and play nicely but on other days they will literally fight over their toenails! You may want to do a course in becoming a professional referee as they will test you to the limit with “she said” and “he said”.
  • Arguing with their parents. When the nippers have decided menacing their siblings is not quite entertaining enough they will look to you to cause havoc. They will answer you back, give cheek and when disciplined will take off in a mad tantrum and slam doors for effect, of course it is all Mammy and Daddy’s fault and parents are just plain mean!
  • Homework/extra-curricular activities. Kids do not like doing homework and it will be tricky getting them to sit still after school and do their work. Added with the pressures of activities after school it can be madness juggling everything, and Mams/Dads taxi will be out in full force.
  • Kiddie demands. Once they are school age you will find there will be a constant flow of party and playdate invitations that your child will demand to go to whether it suits parents or not. There is the added pressures of fads in school and every kid wanting the new must have toy, so your offspring will chase you around the house begging and pleading to get what they want. In short your head will be wrecked! (Remember the loom bands?)
  • Dinner time. A time of day when all the family join together for a meal and a chat about each of their days- it sounds good in context, right? However it is more trying to please all the family with their preferences to food. Sure Lacey doesn’t like peas and Joseph won’t eat chicken! So you may have to prepare numerous dishes satisfy everyone (apart from yourself) because you will be too exhausted to eat after all the cooking!
  • Daily chores and tasks. We all know kids need to learn responsibility by helping out in the home but to be honest if left to my kids the dogs would have starved long ago! There is stuff everywhere in their rooms and the play room is a pit, but it is not their fault it is their siblings fault and then the fighting ensues see point number 1.
  • Trying to get into the bathroom. If you only have one bathroom invest in another, it may not bother you now but once there is a family occasion on you will see the agro it causes. Your children will bang the doors down to get in and no one can shower in peace as someone else will always need the loo.
  • Tired Parents. After all I have mentioned and this is only the tip of the iceberg how would we not be exhausted? The days are full of being a referee, a mediator, a chef, a taxi driver, a house cleaner and now you have to build a new bathroom! No wonder you crash out on the sofa once the little ones are all cooped up in bed, it is total chaos!
Here is the good news- they will love and adore you forever but the bad news is you have to do the list above again tomorrow! Good Luck.


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