5 Reassuring Phrases To Say To Toddlers

Many situations that toddlers discover can be emotionally challenging. What we say and do as parents can really help them.

Toddlers get a lot of bad press for being emotional volcanoes, but chances are they are just proving he/she has a mind of their own.

Your baby has blossomed into a bundle of curiosity with an enquiring and demanding mind of their own. Many situations that toddlers come across can be emotionally challenging for them. In those moments, what we say and do as parents can help them overcome their inhibitions, metaphorical obstacles and fears, and learn, develop and emotionally grow.

A few words of reassurance  and encouragement can go a long way, when supported by the right actions. Here are 5 great phrases to you with your toddler to help them along.
Mum/Dad is here...

They are adventorous little creature but they want to have you close. All they need to be reminded is that you are right behind them. Support this reassurance by being on stand-by at a comfortable distance. Over time, you will increase this distance and they will only need to see you in their line of vision, instead of like a shadow behind them. Hearing that you are right here, right next to them will encourage them and grow their confidence.

It's all over.

In the mind of a toddler, many bad things happen in 24 hours. Like falls, fights and injections. Telling them that everything is ok, is reassuring but they are still hurting. Giving them a cuddle when they are crying out their pain or frustration is completely fine but reminding your toddler that what happened is over and in the past, can help them move on quickly.

We can come back again...

We've all seen a parent try to detach a two year old from an activity they are really engrossed in, or having fun with and we know what can happen as a consequence. When this happens to you and it's time to go/finish reassure them by telling them that their toys will be there when they get up in the morning, or that they can play with Sam another day.

Just try it once...

Toddlers need new experiences for their development. It helps them grow and thrive in their little world. It demonstrates to them that they are well able for new things. Encouraging them to at least 'try' out a new activity or a new food helps them to take that first move or bite!

I love you!
It may seem obvious and perhaps simplistic, but telling them that you love them in stressful situations works like magic. Support this with a big hug and a kiss too. Say it often, and show your love in whatever way it works for your child. It can have a very calming effect on their little soul.

Reassuring talk to your toddler is the best way of building a trusted relationship. It helps keep the doors open to communication between you from a very young age and it will help them grow into confident children, teens and adults.

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