24 Signs Your Child Is A Free Spirit

Does your little one like to think outside the box, do things their own way and not let social norms box them in? 

Does your little one like to think outside the box, do things their own way and not let social norms box them in? You could have a free spirit on your hands.
And despite popular thinking, free spirits are not flaky or unreliable, they are, in fact, an incredible addition to this world.
Bringing new ideas to the table, finding adventures where they can, not letting society box them in and just generally just doing their own thing.
Sound like your child?
Well, here are 24 other signs your little one is a free spirit.
  • They have no concept of time – and no matter how many times you remind them to get ready you’ll find them sitting on the side of their bed drawing or daydreaming out the window.
  • You are constantly trying to tame their ‘wild’ hair because they have no idea what a brush is
  • The teacher is always pulling them up for daydreaming in class
  • They are easily distracted by sounds or noise or something sparkly, even when in mid-conversation
  • They will often talk about things that you have no clue about, like the universe
  • They like to try everything and anything but won’t commit to one thing
  • They love to spend time on their own contemplating life  
  • They’re happy and content, and constantly smiling
  • They constantly have a curious look on their face
  • They are spontaneous and do things on a whim
  • They make friends incredibly easy
  • They appreciate the little things in life
  • You frequently have to pull them out of their own little world
  • They don’t care what others think of them
  • They are constantly looking to go on their next adventures
  • Everything they do is a big adventure
  • They have incredible self-confidence
  • They enjoy life to the fullest
  • They are an incredibly powerful force – if they have their mind on something nothing will get in their way
  • They are very independent
  • They like to do things their way
  • When a reward is on the table they will go for an experience like a trip to the park rather than time on a device. 
  • They love spending their days outside, rolling down hills and climbing trees
  • They love learning new things and are constantly asking questions about life and the universe
So, do you have a little free spirit on your hands? 
Written by Mary Byrne, Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ. Follow her on Twitter: @marybyrne321

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