20 Things That Freak Toddlers Out!

Here are just some of the many ways that you can quickly annoy most toddlers…

Do you have an erratic and irrational creature living in your house?
They can be easily spotted. They're normally about two-foot in height, hilarious and very cute but can be quickly annoyed. They go by the name of “The Toddler”!
Here are just some of the many ways that you can quickly annoy most toddlers…
  • Put salad or vegetables on their plate
  • Show affection or give praise to any other children in your house
  • Dress them in jeans (on a Monday)
  • Hug them too tight
  • Not give them your total and undivided attention while they are going to the toilet
  • Look crossly in their direction
  • Not let them hoover
  • Not let them bring their dolly pram to the supermarket (or their own shopping trolly Santa brought them)
  • Don’t let them talk to whoever happens to be on the phone. Note: talking doesn’t really mean talking. When you do let them on the phone they can wave and smile thinking Grandad can see them!
  • Don’t let them use your phone to take pictures (of walls, ground, fingers etc…)
  • Not kiss the ‘exact’ spot that hurts after diving from the sofa
  • Suggest that it’s time to take a nap
  • Hold another baby.
  • Give them any food that’s not beige
  • Go to a different room in the house without taking them with you
  • Strap them into their carseat (on a Wednesday)
  • Say horrible things like – you have to put your coat on if you want to go outside!
  • Cut up their food – “I can do it!!”
  • Put a polar neck on them- ever!
  • Ask them to share and give someone else a turn!
Any others you can add?

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