18 Signs Your Child Is Really An Old Soul

Some children are simply born wise beyond their years! 

Some children are simply born wise beyond their years! An old soul who fits in more with adults than their peers, and loves responsibility and being in charge.
If you are more likely to find your little one snuggled on the couch with a book than on their games console, you will likely be able to recognise a few of the below in them.
  • The live in their own world and do their own thing no matter what their peers are doing 
  • They seem to just have their head on their shoulders
  • Sometimes you go to them for advice, and you tend to take it
  • They prefer to spend time with adults than playing with other kids
  • They say things like ‘ow, my back’
  • Or ‘it looks like it’s going to rain’
  • They love nothing more than a warm drink before bed
  • They like to think they know more than you on certain things, and have no problem telling you so
  • They like to correct you if you get something wrong (usually in a 'I told you so' tone)
  • They ask very inquisitive questions that you wouldn’t expect a child to say, like ‘where do people go when they die?’
  • They constantly tell you that they don't need your help 
  • And are fiercely independent
  • And love when they are put in charge of anything
  • They often act so maturely that you forget they’re only children  
  • They never need help doing anything
  • They are forever coming out with old sayings, and you have no idea where they heard them from
  • They always ‘mind’ the younger children
  • And love nothing more than copying you and your actions
Written by Mary Byrne, Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ. Follow her on Twitter: @marybyrne321

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