17 Signs Your Daughter Is Clearly A Daddy's Girl

When your daughter is a real daddy’s girl, it can be hard to get a look in. 

Girls and their dads are the sweetest things ever. Watching them form a bond and a relationship from an early age is incredibly beautiful to watch.

The way he gently gets down to her level to talk and the way she looks up to him like he’s the hero she needs is truly lovely.  

But sometimes, when your daughter is a real daddy’s girl, it can be hard to get a look in.

She literally worships the ground he walks on, and while she loves you unconditionally, her heart will always belong with her daddy.

Here are signs your daughter is a real daddy’s girl:

  • They have a song that they sing together (and you’re not allowed sing along).
  • She is the only one who laughs at his jokes.
  • They have a secret language that you haven’t a clue how to translate.
  • They will always go to him when they want something.
  • Cuddling up with Daddy on the couch is her favourite thing to do.
  • She tries to dress the same as her dad.
  • She has always settled easier when Daddy rocked her to sleep.
  • When they have to talk about someone inspirational for school, Daddy is her first choice.
  • She always talks about how great her daddy is. Like always.  
  • She always considers him to be the fun one and you’re the grumpy lady who nags too much.
  • They’ll go anywhere with Daddy, even grocery shopping just to be with him.
  • They literally light up when Daddy comes home.
  • They will always stand up for their dad whenever there is a disagreement in the home.
  • They will spend HOURS making them a Father’s Day card ‘cause it has to be just right.
  • Daddy can do no wrong.
  • She’ll scold you for saying anything negative about her dad.
  • She’ll try new foods but only if Daddy asks her to.

So, is your daughter a real Daddy's girl?

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