10 Reasons Why My Toddler Is Just Like A Puppy!

"This may sound a little offensive but I mean it in the nicest way possible"

This may sound a little offensive but I mean it in the nicest way possible; my two year old is actually very much like a small dog. We are staying with my parents for a little bit of a holiday and they are also minding their other grandbaby - my brother's dog. I have watched my daughter and this little dog over the past couple of days. They are a delight to watch; both endlessly caught up in the moment and prone to bouts of pure excitement. They are also very similar:
  • They both have a fondness for licking things and putting things in their mouths (especially things we would rather they just left alone).
  • They both thrive on daytime sleep. There is only so much running and jumping that a small child and a dog can do. Naptime refuels them both to keep up the crazy.
  • They both have mega-hearing. They can hear a chocolate bar wrapper or packet of crisps opening from rooms away and just as you are about to take a delicious bite, they are sure to appear, eyes wide with anticipation.
  • They both enjoy racing around in circles in the garden causing everyone except themselves to feel dizzy.
  • They are consistently to be found in places they aren't supposed to be; from hiding in wardrobes to raiding the treat cupboard. These two are a notorious duo when together.
  • Bouncing on the couch is on par with swings and slides. It's so much fun and even better when it's done together.
  • They wee on the floor without an ounce of regret or apology but hey accidents happen to even the best of us right?
  • They both adore their granddad so the poor man spends from early morning to night with at least one (if not two) little shadows tottering along behind him.
  • They are constantly on the lookout for food and woe betide you if you decide to eat in their vicinity - you will be sharing, no choice in the matter.
  • They are both so adorably cute that no matter what it is that they do you can never stay mad at them for very long.
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Ann-Marie a 34 year old mum to a very active toddler. She is currently at home with her trying to fit in writing between nap-time and endless loads of laundry! She is keeping a blog about life with a toddler called Adventures in Toddlerdom and is also writing a children’s book. Check out her facebook page here.


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