5 Reasons Why I Cannot Wait For Spring

Spring has always been my favourite time of year (not least because it’s the season my birthday falls in) but there are plenty of other reasons too.

If, like me, you love it too, then snap! If, however, you need a bit more convincing, then here are some reasons why this season is sure to put a spring (excuse the pun) in your family’s step!

Everything Is In Bloom

One word: Daffodils! They’re the first sign that winter’s over, they’re a gorgeous yellow colour and they represent rebirth and new beginnings. Every year my kids and I plan to plant them in the garden but unfortunately, we’ve yet to get around to it. I will certainly be purchasing a few bunches to brighten up our home though!

That All-Important Midterm

If, like me, you’re already getting stressed with the chaos of school drop off and collection, then have no fear - Midterm Break will be along in a jiffy.  The kids will be off from Monday 21st until Friday 25th February, so you can look forward to lots of lie-ins. Who am I kidding? Lie-ins don’t exist when you’re a parent, but not having to all get out of your PJs first thing will be nice.

Plenty More Sunshine

We’ve got longer evenings to look forward to too! Daylight Saving Time starts on Sunday 27th March, so pop it in your diary now. More light in the evening means more time for the kids to play outside and get rid of all that excess energy before bed (it also means more time to sit outside with a glass of wine once they’ve gone to bed).

Time To Get Exploring

Nothing screams (or should I say "baas") spring like baby lambs and in Ireland, we’re lucky enough to spot them in fields everywhere. If you want your kids to see them up close, spring is the perfect time of year to visit a petting farm. Just make sure they know in advance that they can’t bring any home…

Some Warmer Weather Too

Staying on the topic of keeping your kids entertained, there’s nothing worse than standing on the side of a soccer pitch or in a playground freezing to death in the depths of winter. Of course, when kids are running around they don’t even feel the cold - it’s the spectators that suffer. With a bit of luck, come spring, the sun will be out and you’ll no longer have to leave the house wearing ten layers.

So, there you have it, have I convinced you? If not, then don’t forget Easter Bunny will be along with bags full of chocolate eggs and that’s something that summer simply can’t compete with (no matter how many strawberries it tempts you with).

Jennie Dennehy

Jennie Dennehy is Mama to two gorgeous boys and is a Writer and Blogger. Her life is full of laughs and Lego and she’s always longing for a hot, frothy coffee.

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