Travelling with kids on a flight soon

Here are 8 things that will help the flight go by in a flash

When you have kids and you have a long flight ahead of you, what you pack in your hand luggage can be the difference between enjoying your journey and having a major meltdown.
Here are 8 things that will help the flight go by in a flash:
Pain relief for you and them
Even if no one’s sick when you take off there’s always the possibility that something will come up, and you never know when a toddler’s next tooth might break through. Don’t forget that a headache is also highly likely if you have a screaming child sat next to you.
Healthy treats are a great way to fight off the hunger between meals and also serve as a distraction from the boring part of your holiday. Packing lots of different options in little tubs mean that there’ll be something for every taste. Last thing you want is to spend a fortune on food from the trolley service.
Even if you’re in a rush when you’re trying to catch a flight make sure you grab plenty of water. You’ll be super hydrated when you land and when the heat hits when you disembark the plane you’ll have plenty of liquid to sip on.
While there’s no need to buy anything expensive or big, little gifts will get them ultra excited and enthral them for at least a little while. Nothing beats the novelty of something new.
Favourite toy
All kids have a toy that goes everywhere with them and this needs to be top of your list. There’s no use putting it safely in your check in bag, it’s going to be the first thing they look for when they get tired.
Aeroplanes are known for their drastic changes in temperature; while you’re waiting to take off you’re likely to be sweltering yet once the air conditioning kicks in you could be freezing cold. Make sure everyone brings a jumper and even better, if you’ve room then bring a small blanket. 
Change of outfit
We all know children are notoriously messy creatures so don’t forget a change of clothes; they’ll be plain miserable if they’re stuck in something dirty or wet. Unfortunately if you’re the one that gets covered you’ll just have to make do…
Whether it’s books, a comic or an ipad, if you’re flying economy you’ll need to provide your own entertainment. Chances are you won’t get to read anything yourself but you’ll need something to keep them occupied and the in flight magazine won’t cut it.
Written by Irish mummy blogger and staff writer at Jennie.
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Jennie Dennehy

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