Top 5 Booking Tips For Your Family Holiday

We all love bagging a bargain but when it comes to family holidays it is more than a necessity. 

We all love bagging a bargain but when it comes to family holidays it is more than a necessity. 
Heading on vacation with a truck load of kids in tow is pretty tough and can be just as hard on the pocket. 
Nonetheless, we're here to make sure your family holiday is as relaxing as possible on both you and your finances before you even leave. 
Check out our top five tips for booking your summer holiday!
  • Research - research is vital. If you want to save money this is the way to go. With perfect planning you can choose a destination that doesn't have a huge impact on your budget. Look into the best exchange rates if you're going abroad or find the places that have lots of free activities for children. 
  • Flying - if you're planning on flying to your destination, try taking a night time flight. Sometimes they can often be cheaper and you'll have the added bonus of the kids sleeping mid-flight. You might even get some shut eye too. 
  • Flexibility - be flexible with your time when booking. Being sticky with the week you want to head off can make life harder on yourself. You'll end up becoming frustrated with price and availability. If you're flexible it could be kinder on your pocket and your destination.
  • House Swap - If you're feeling brave, why not try a house swap or Air B'n'B? They're the cheaper option for families and you feel you have your own space instead of trying to make the kids whisper in a hotel setting. Moreover, you can cook your own meals instead of eating out all the time.
  • Compare - Always compare prices with both a travel agent and online. Sometimes one can be more expensive than the other, other times it can be much of the same price wise but you could get more than you bargained for with the extras included in an agency - be nifty, you're well able. 

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