Planning a trip when you're pregnant?

Travelling while pregnant has its own set of challenges. Find out how to travel safely & comfortably.

A lot of people book travel when they are pregnant and can overlook some of the usually simple things that could have a huge impact on their holiday.  If you are expecting, you really need to think a few things though before you travel.   Being sensible and realistic when planning your trip can make for a much more pleasant, safer journey for both Mum and baby.  
Is it safe to travel when pregnant?    Every pregnancy is different.  There are no hard and fast rules other than - don’t take unnecessary risks.  One person may travel without a hitch, while another might spend the trip vomiting due to motion sickness which would never have bothered them in the past.   It is advisable to only travel if you are feeling well and have been medically certified to do so. It is very important to ensure that your travel insurance is up to date.  Always do your research and bring the contact details for a local doctor and hospital with you.  Always check your level of cover with your travel and health insurance provider.    
Flying while Pregnant: For peace of mind, always speak to your doctor before flying.  Airlines have different rules around travelling when expecting.  Check with your airline to see what they allow or don’t allow.  Generally you are allowed to travel up to 28 weeks if you have had a healthy pregnancy but after that you will need written clearance from your doctor (airlines vary, always check with your airline and doctor).  It is important that during your flight your move around and always stay hydrated.
Consider the weather: You tend to feel the heat a lot more when you are pregnant.  While lying at the pool soaking up the sun might normally be heaven, this could easily turn in to a much less pleasant experience when you are pregnant, especially if you are particularly sensitive to changes in temperate.    Let’s face it, who wants to be sitting around feeling hot and uncomfortable on their holidays?  A cooler destination might be a better choice this time!
Distances and excursions:  Try and book your accommodation on the flat and near to where you will want to be during the day or at night.  Ease of access is important, you don’t want to climbing lots of stairs in an unfamiliar place after an evening out.   Check to see if any excursions you want to go on are suitable, enquire if there is much climbing required, uneven pathways or anything that could be dangerous or cause you to lose your footing. 
Food: It is advisable to steer clear from foods that you shouldn’t eat at home.  Some areas have lower hygiene standards than you may be used to so be careful where you eat.  Drink bottled water, avoid the ice in certain countries and as always watch your own hygiene.  
Cats and animals:  Some countries have lots of animals roaming around, in particular cats!  Just be wary of eating outside and leaving your food unattended.   No matter how much you love animals, while pregnant it might be wise to refrain from petting them or smuggling them back to your apartment as your adopted holiday pet!
Getting a much needed get-a-way before baba arrives is a lovely idea and can be really enjoyable once you plan ahead.
Bon Voyage x 
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