Family Travel: Airports don’t have to be a nightmare!

Our travel expert tells you why

Has your holiday destination ever been influenced by a connection airport? Or are you travelling to any of these airports this year?
Up until recently it was not something that I really gave much consideration to. While doing some research for a family long-haul holiday, I came across some great family friendly airport facilities. I was surprised at how much you can do in some places. It’s great to realise that a long stop-over does not have to be torture. 
There are plenty of airports who now cater to families, some free of charge and some carry a fee.
Here are a few I thought were worth a mention. 
  • London Gatwick is a popular connection for Florida or Mexico among other destinations. The airport is an accredited family friendly airport and along with their separate family security lanes you can let your little ones play in their new Kids Zones that are free to use while you wait for your flight.  
  • Paris: At Charles De Gaulle airport your children can play in one of the play areas where they can jump in ball pits or wander through mazes.  Your older children can enjoy a game of pool or pay to play video games while they wait for your next flight. At Terminal 3 you will find TV rooms, interactive world maps, mini-tunnels and lots of places to relax while waiting to get on the move again. 
  • Frankfurt airport has a couple of free play halls as well as a play area in the Food Zone, or for a fee you can check out the airfield activity centre where your children get to explore aircraft models followed by plane spotting from the panoramic window. 
  • Boston Logan Internationalhas Kidport! Created by the Children’s museum of Boston to keep the children who pass through the airport amused.  It is a hands on experience and offers educational exhibits including a climbing sculpture of an aircraft, a baggage claim slide and an infant and toddler area.  There are 2 Kidport’s in different terminals. What a great idea?
  • Singapore Changi Airport:This has to be my favourite. If your kids are cranky, bring them for a nap in one of the napping centres! Go for a dip in the pool; take a stroll in one of the many gardens, in different areas you can find a cactus garden, bamboo garden, sunflower or orchid garden. Take in a movie in the movie theatre, go on a shopping spree in one of the 300 shops or get lost in thought staring into the koi pond. While there is a charge for some things you will be amused for hours on end at this airport.    
Now that you are open to longer stop overs you may even be able to avail of some great savings and more destination and flight choices by opting for the flights with longer connections.   

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