Essentials that every parent needs to put in the car

Here is a list we would advise no parent to leave home without!

We've all been there. Stuck in that queue of traffic a long way from home just when your child can’t wait another minute for a snack or when you hear a little voice repeating ‘Mammy are we home yet, are we home yet’.
From the many accidents that occur when you are out, to the on-board entertainment that can be required to keep tantrums at bay, it’s safe to say that some advance planning and packing can get you out of many a sticky situation on the road. 
Here are a few handy items that you should pack to keep in the car.
  • Suncream & because we are in Ireland…an umbrella. Both may be required some days!
  • Spare nappies and wipes if you have young kids or a  portable potty if they are a bit older. These are invaluable.
  • Some small toys & books or a favourite childrens cd. 
  • A snack (preferable one with a long shelf life) because hungry kids are never happy kids. 
  • A sun visor. This may not always be needed but there are always days, Summer and winter time that they come in handy.
  • Some plasters & basic items from a first aid kit. You never know when you are going to have to fix a cut or scrape when you are out and about. You don’t want to have to drive to a pharmacy if something happens.
  • Spare car phone charger. In case you get stuck with a dead battery.
  • Spare clothes. Throw a set of old clothes in the car for emergencies (especially undies). The weather,  spills and just being a kid usually means a change of clothing at some point. 

Are we missing any?


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