Brilliant tip for organising kids clothes for holidays

Have you heard about this ingenious way of packing your suitcase?

If you are anything like us rummaging through suitcases for the duration of  our holiday’s, organising and reorganising clothes. Constantly trying to remember what I brought to wear for each child and always ending up with a mismatched outfit for the last day! Well then we have the easiest solution for you.
  • Take out ziplock bags and mark one for every day. If your children are older or you have a lot of children you can divide out by child.
  • Once your clothes are clean start to organise them into outfits for each day. Roll up the clothes into the bag so they don’t crease.
  • Don’t forget to pack a set of underwear also for each day.
  • Label a separate bag for PJ’s and one for extras clothes in case of a mess (if you have young children). Leave the extras bag in your car so it’s available to hand
  • You can simply leave out the outfits for the kids the night before and they can look after themselves in the morning (depending on age!)
Keep the Ziploc bags after use and store in your suitcase for your next trip.

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