Booking holidays with children: What you need to consider

It’s not too late to book a break away but make sure you take these things into account before you commit to anything.

It’s not too late to book a break away but make sure you take these things into account before you commit to anything.
Flight time
Flights aren’t fun at the best of times but when you’ve got kids along for the ride and can’t indulge in the alcoholic beverages off the catering trolley then you need to keep them short and as sweet as possible. If you can keep them around the two hour mark and fly at a time when they’re likely to nap then you’ll be off to a flying start (excuse the pun).
Travel time between the airport and your accommodation
Whether you’re renting a car, getting a taxi or being collected by a coach in an ideal world this part of the journey should also be quick. You’ll have been travelling for what will feel like a long time by now and if you’re driving yourself you’ll also need to be navigating your way. At this stage everyone will be desperate for a dunk in the pool to cool off.
Entertainment on offer
What you’re looking for as a family will be vastly different to what you’ll have wanted when you were young, free and single. The children will love watching shows, joining in games and dancing at the kids disco. The best part is that it’ll mean you can have a quiet drink in peace.
Closest beach
The walk to the beach is filled with excitement as you all try and be the first to see the sea and with the anticipation of a day spent making sandcastles and splashing in the sea. The walk home is filled with whingeing about sore sandy feet and being hot and sweaty. If you want to make the trip more than once then pick a place with a beach nearby.
Baby pool and park
If you have very little ones the beach might be a bit much for them. Instead they’ll probably prefer dipping in and out of the pool and swaying back on forth on the swings. A baby pool is an essential and a good playground on site is a big positive.
It’s a good idea to have a look online to check the average temperatures for various destinations in the month you want to go. Although you want sunshine you don’t want it so warm that you have to stay indoors in the comfort of the air conditioning. When you have children you don’t have an option of lazing around on a sun lounger all day and if you’re doing activities in blistering heat no one’s going to enjoy themselves.
Read other peoples reviews
How did we manage without looking up other people’s reviews? Gone are the days where we simply took the travel agent’s recommendation. It is so useful to find out whether resorts are suitable for young families, what the food’s like, if they’re clean and if they’re conveniently located. 
Written by Irish mummy blogger and staff writer at Jennie.
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