8 Things we hate about returning from holidays.

We're just back from ours and I should have known better!

Everyone loves a good holiday and getting away is just the ticket however when you return home it is a real bummer!
From the kids being cranky to the house being a mess you may need another holiday after! Here are a few things that we all hate about returning from holidays, if only we could afford a maid service!
  • Empty fridge- The fridge is empty and the kids are starving, someone has to hit the shops and that is the biggest struggle of all. An empty fridge means a very large shop and it will take ages, or alternatively get a take away tonight and worry about the shopping tomorrow!
  • Unpacking- The kids loved packing their bags for holidays but unpacking is another story altogether! They just pull out the bits they bought for themselves and the souvenirs for friends, the rest is just left and left till they are forced to get their bags sorted!
  • Laundry/washing- There are just endless piles of washing and unless you get a grand dry day there is little or no chance of getting it dry. Luckily the stuff you wore on holidays isn’t Ireland wear due to our wet climate so just throw it into a basket and leave it, who needs bikinis now anyway?
  • Visiting relatives and giving out holiday souvenirs- You might have only being gone for two weeks but everyone has missed you and the kids will want to see their relations. The extended family may be a little miffed with only receiving a fridge magnet but luggage charges are on the rise and who doesn’t need magnets?!
  • Thank you gifts- The neighbour who fed the cats and the friend who watered the plants have to be looked after so grab them a bottle of vino and a “Thank you” card. It is just a little token to remind them that you are very grateful and offer to help them when they are flying off in the near future.
  • Things you forgot- The kids forgot books, colours and sadly a cherished souvenir however there is no chance of getting these items back so best to move on. At least you are all back in one peace after the holiday and no one did a “Home alone!”
  • Moody kids- The kids are wrecked after all the travelling and hanging around the airport so now they are in a sleep deprived mood. It might have only being a short flight but kids love to moan about jet lag and roll on bed time so you can get them off to the land of nod and you might be able to relax yourself?
  • Same sh*t, different day- Nothing has changed since you went away and this is odd to you, sure you missed out on the news and gossip. Overall though life is how it was and now you have to get back into the dreaded routines and dream about holidaying next year. Next year will fly by surely?!


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