Things We Should Actually Do When We Find Ourselves Kid Free

With the school holidays approaching there are guides everywhere about things to do with the kids

With the school holidays approaching there are guides everywhere about things to do with the kids. But, where are the guides for things to do when you are kid free? Here is a list of some ideas for child-free time when your little ones are on a play date or having a sleepover. 
Go to the toilet
If you haven’t had an audience while you’ve peed are you even a parent? When you find yourself alone, go to the toilet. Use it, clean it or better yet have a bath! All in peace! You might even find yourself missing them!
Have a lie-in
What’s rare is wonderful. While you’re kid-free, top of your list should be a lie in. In reality, you will plan 12 hours undisturbed sleep and probably wake up at 6am as usual and not be able to fall back again!
Catch up with friends and actually have a full conversation
It is such a blessing to have friends that have little ones and even better when they’re around the same age. You get to do playdates together, share tips, tricks and advise. But, do you ever actually get to finish one full conversation? 
Have a warm cup of coffee
Whether it be in a café or in your kitchen. Get a coffee and enjoy it while it is still hot for a change! You could even go the extra mile and have a little treat too! 
Go to the cinema and actually get to watch the movie
Take a trip to the cinema, even alone and enjoy the full movie without any questions or toilet breaks! 
Go on a date
Usually, for us, we go out and meet friends separately while the other is with the kids. Take this chance to go together on a date just the two of you or with some friends!
Read a book
One of my favourite hobbies is to read which I do far too little of at the moment. My first opportunity with some me time and I grab my book. Jump into the bath or even bed, cup of tea or glass of wine in hand. Bliss.
Have some alone time with your other half
Say no more.
Written by Laura Doyle. Laura is a 29-year old mother of four who blogs at  Love, Life and Little Ones.

Laura Doyle

Mum of four, Gentle parent living on coffee and trying always to stay positive and motivate in the midst of the madness.

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