Simple Valentine's Day Crafts You Can Do With The Kids

These crafts are simple and easy to do and are a lovely way to spend an afternoon with your little one. 

Valentine's Day is not just a day for loved-up couples to spend together. It is actually a really nice way to celebrate love in all its various forms, like the love between and a parent and their child. 
And, as we all know, the best way to show our little ones just how much we love them is by spending time with them - without distraction.  
With that in mind, we've found five really simple crafts that you and your little one can do together to celebrate the power and joy of love.
1. Lollipop love
This is a really lovely way to give your love a little treat. All you need are a few lollipops and pink and green card paper.
Simple but incredibly effective, these are great to make with older kids who are able to use scissors on their own.
image via Pinterest
2. Pieces of love
This one is ideal to do with pre-schoolers or toddlers as it involves a lot of paper shredding and sticking - they'll be in their element! 
image via Pinterest
3. Love stamp 
A great way to recycle a finished toilet roll carton. This one is good for all ages - and less symmetrical the hearts look the cuter the picture will actually be. 
image via Pinterest
4. Sweet love
Why spend a fortune on these in the shops when you can make your own for next to nothing! You don't have to go out and buy anything fancy - an empty pasta jar will do the same job as the below ones, and you can fill them with your favourite treats. You can paint the jars if you want but a little ribbon and a sweet tag is all that's really needed. 
image via Pinterest
5. Bookmark my love
This is the kind of gift a book-lover would cherish for years to come, and the kids will love smearing paint all over their hands! You can go all out with googly eyes or you can keep it pretty simple. 
image via Pinterest

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