Your Kids Will Love This Online Midterm Drama Camp

Are the thoughts of having the kids at home for October's midterm break already making you nervous? How on earth will you keep them entertained?

Well, we might have found one simple and tremendously fun solution which is certain to do down a treat with the kids this Halloween. It's the Whodunnit online midterm camp.

The Bombinate Theatre Company is an award-winning Dublin-based theatre company who specialise in creating exciting projects for families and children. And with your younger ones more than likely to be hanging around the house this midterm break, they've come up with an ingenious online drama camp idea. Kids of all ages will be able to enjoy this from home.

All children who sign up for the online camp will be encouraged to write and perform in their own mystery short film throughout the course of the week. There is a mystery to be solved, and everyone is a suspect... Is there an adult version of this available?

The Whodunnit online midterm camp will begin October 26 and will run right through the midterm break. All classes take place via Zoom for a one-hour slot each day.

Depending on your child's age, they will join one of the slots each day. Morning slots are reserved for children aged between nine and 12, while the afternoon is for ages 12 to 15.

Spaces are limited for the online midterm camp and will cost €50. To reserve your child's place you can get in touch with Bombinate Theatre Co-Director Mollie Molumby by emailing [email protected] or by visiting their website (here) for more information.

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