How to make a really cool Halloween lantern with the kids

It's a great time to decorate the house with easy and spooktacular decorations

I love this fun project which takes me back to my childhood.  It is really easy and fun to do. 
What you need:
Coloured card and paper (although you can use white and decorate with colours)
Tape – double sided is best
Ruler and pencil 
Start with a rectangle of paper or thin card.  It really doesn’t matter what size.
Fold the card on the short side so you have a long thin rectangle.
Using a ruler and pencil mark off 2cm measures along the fold line.
Cut at each mark from the fold side but stop about 2cm before you get to the edge.
Open up you card and gently fold to create your lantern.  
Fix with double sided or ordinary tape.
Attach a handle from a scrap of card and decorate.
The lantern looks so cool when placed over a battery operated candle or tealight..
Once I get started I cannot stop.  But changing the size of the card you can make all sorts of lanterns.
Kerry Mannng is a craft teacher and blogger at

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